Archive: Just a little condo rental prep and Encore upkeep

Posted By on December 3, 2018


Only one little piggy had a bad day down in Florida. It was unusual for me, but decided to wear the Sperry watershoes rather than leather boat shoes while working on Encore … basically just cleaning and getting her back to pre-hurricane prep form. Unfortunately we have not been sailing enough to justify even owning a boat — very depressing. Nevertheless, it was nice to be back onboard for a long weekend and getting her cleaned up (although my bottom cleaning guy did not make it).

Reason two and the primary for the quick trip down was to get the condo ready for our winter renters. Thankfully almost everything was in order and really just required my "Richie the homemaker" cleaning and touches. I did add a new kitchen hanging thingy (below) that Brenda wanted for the condo kitchen and made templates for the spring/summer 2019 master bathroom update … if it happens. All in all, it was an inexpensive trip (cheap frequent flyer flight and gas $2.12), and am please to have finalized the lease contract for another winter/spring rental.



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