Christmas prep and my iMac is still recovering from surgery

Posted By on December 15, 2018


Although Brenda and I are making steady progress in getting things ready for Christmas, the iMac surgery mentioned yesterday did not go as smoothly as planned, but at least I do have backups to rebuild things from.

Currently the “way too many” cloud services that I’m using are working overtime as my Time Machine archive failed to property handle the virtual drive for Windows 10 running on Parallels. I was able to somewhat iMacTempTape181214reconfigure the same way earlier this year, but it is never as simple as editing a little bit of code and seeing everything magically appear. For my part, I’ve also decided to update the iMac to Mojave OS, Apple’s current operating system and so far so good. The computer is running but only taped together while pumping data to and from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud and oDrive (which now handles only Box and Amazon’s AWSCloud).

It’s just Fun, Fun, Fun.


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