Tech Friday: Options to subscriptions services raising prices

Posted By on January 18, 2019

Cfnan8Nf_400x400The recent price increases rumbling through the economy are starting to be felt in the products we all use and have learned to appreciate. One of the services I’ll likely eliminate before the monthly price increase is the streaming service Netflix. We did this once before, but with all the new added content and lack of competition years ago, we decided to continue to pay for the lower level subscription – we’ll still have Amazon Prime and we (well “I”) really don’t watch movies or stream much TV anymore (Brenda may veto my cutting Netflix, we’ll see?).

Gimp 2.10 on the iMac as an Adobe Photoshop replacement

AdobeCreativeCloudAllApps2019Other items seeing price increases have been my yearly Parallels subscription which enables my iMacMicrosoft365Subscription2019 to run a full screen Windows 10 install on my Apple computer as well as Mojave. The other subscriptions that might see the chopping block are Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe’s Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (CreativeCloud). Currently I’m giving the opensource tools such as GIMP (already run on Linux) and Scribus (very limited) a try “once again.” We’ll see?

While on the subject of subscriptions, I’m probably going to give up my magazine subscriptions this year (gulp, my Cruising World???), will be giving serious thought to my 30 year old email address that was once provided free by American Express Small Business services (now $60+ annually) and the biggest expense, my UPS mailbox that continues to raise prices … although I’m paid thru 2021 so probably not (they were once a very affordable option to having a USPS box).

So will see how my cost cutting progresses as 2019 rolls along … and perhaps I’ll get in the mood to sell a few things too? Although really that’s just an excuse to post the photo of a sign I made 30+ years ago from a canvas “door” to my barn in Hudson. It has been used to contain the dust from my radial arm saw that is being swapped out for my new-ish Hitachi Miter Saw. A good memory, but archiving a memory before sending it to the trash (posting shortly on my workshop modifications).



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