Pres Trump meets Kim Jong Un in Hanoi for second summit

Posted By on February 27, 2019

WSJ_WhichStoryWouldYouLeadWith190227As far as news goes, one would think that the biggest news of the day would be a second summit meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. It was only two short years ago that “little Rocket Man” was firing missiles over Japan and testing his nuclear weapons … and now we’re “at least” on friendly speaking terms talking about disarming, a actual ending of the 1950’s Korean War and the possibility of better relations between this rogue regime and the civilized world.

BUT, no … the American media (including the WSJ) is more interested in the salacious testimony of Michael Cohen … someone already who has already been disbarred and convicted for “lying under oath.” It is all news, but the wrong story is headlining the newspapers IMHO.

It is disappointing we are more interested in an ex-lawyer spilling the dirt on his previous client that deterring the build up of nuclear tipped ICBMs. What does this say about gossip, the hatred of Donald Trump or our legal system we once thought respected attorney client privilege? 


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