Music Monday: Vahevala from 1971 by Loggins and Messina

Posted By on March 4, 2019

It is odd that the band Loggins and Messina has not been highlighted, for either a Music Monday post or with other bands. A quick search did not turn up a mention of Kenny Loggins as a solo artist or even Jim Messina in his previous band. Hm, I’m slipping in having missed including them; they are regularly played on nearly all my SiriusXM favorites, but then again have mentioned Buffalo Springfield, a band that Jim Messina was in. Maybe the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or Poco needs to be next?

Here’s a hit from 1971 with that Caribbean sound and harmonies that I’m fond of from their first album called Sitin’ InVahevala (or is it Vahelvella or Vaheevella?)

  Loggins and Messina – Vahevala | 1971


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