The six degrees of separation theory strikes again

Posted By on March 3, 2019

IMG_3338But before the “six degrees of separation” reference (see below), how do you stack up to the WSJ survey of “workers benefiting from a strong U.S. labor market?”


One thing that seems to remain consistent over the years is that an education benefits you when it comes to jobs and compensation in the long haul, so take advantage of this in high school, college or graduate school (but be smart about your field of study and how much debt you ring up). Here’s a “How America Works”  special section in the WSJ.

Now for my “six points of separation” moment …

775287085AT00074While reading through the Cincinnati Reds spring training news in preparation for the 2019 season, a single Reds tweet caught my attention (below) “I recognize that players last name,” I thought to myself? Wouldn’t that be interesting if Kyle Wren was related to a minor leage baseball player that my wife dated. So I asked Brenda“what was the baseball player name that you dated?”  It was Frank Wren, and he is the dad of the player I noticed competing for a spot on the Reds roster this yearwho also has a twin brother who plays baseball, Jordan Wren. Wow … what a small world.FrankWren-BostonRedSox

Well, for now let’s hope Kyle gets a spot on the roster (although not sure we need outfielders). If he does, I’ll be following him a bit closer and maybe we’ll even make it to a few more of games this year. As Brenda commented, if he does make it, we should invite his parents to come to Cincinnati and watch a game (although from the looks of it, his dad may be a bit too busy with his Boston Red Sox duties. Who knew, he’s been in baseball his whole career!)


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