Spring had definitely sprung for Easter Sunday in 2019

Posted By on April 23, 2019


Although Brenda worked Easter Sunday this year, the weather could not have been more beautiful in Cincinnati for a few chores. 2002HondaOdyssey_waxed190421

I buffed out the oxidation on our 2002 Honda Odyssey, as the Florida sun is hard on paint. After buffing, I wax and buffed again in order to add a layer of protection … my dad would have been pleased (personally, I think it looks pretty good for a 17 year old “work-wagon.”)  Also, before packing a few tools and supplies back in the van for a trip south, I headed out into the yard to enjoy the sunshine … as well as take a few “flowers in bloom” photos for the archive as a few times before (like 4/16/2017). I forgot just how beautiful our Lilac bushes, Redbud trees, Magnolias and Tulips are in the spring, especially against the dark green grass after the first mowing (which was last week)








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