Simple SunrisePro kitchen knife sharpener mini review

Posted By on May 11, 2019


Although I regularly sharpen our "home" kitchen knives in my workshop and maintain the edge with a "steel" (love to try ceramic rod) … but that was not possible last week in Florida. I noticed when cleaning up the condo and starting the master bathroom update after the winter lease ended, that the new kitchen knives were extremely dull. Hm … our renters either used them a lot or are much rougher on knives that we are?

Anyway, I did not have any sharpening equipment or even a kitchen steel handy, so decided to order a highly rated countertop sharpener sold on Amazon by SunrisePro. It has a solid feel, good build quality, sticks securely with a suction cup to the counter or any smooth surface and within 4 or 5 strokes return an edge to every knife. Even if I won’t be shaving with them, the edge is perfect for 90% of all kitchen cutting tasks. It is almost too simple. If I rate it on Amazon, I’ll be giving it 5-stars as the value for the dollar and speed in returning an edge to knives was dead simple. I’ll be anxious to see if it continues to work over time.


Another great feature is that there is a small pad after the knife tip drops off the tungsten carbide sharpening "stones" that the tip will not hit the counter or get damaged … and for those concerned with the "grind angle," it is 20 degrees.




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