Why not just stick with American Standard, Delta or Moen?

Posted By on July 15, 2019

My wife does not appreciate the common everyday American branded sinks, vanities or faucets … and wanted something a little more unique for the Condo master bathroom (sort of like the other bathroom update last yearsee photo at bottom of post). I really didn’t think that much about it until realizing that not all plumbing overseas is to the same standard as in America … but it is working.


Not that it is bad, just different. By taking my time and slowly fitting and double checking the flexible fittings, rubber o-rings and special gaskets for the waterfall faucet and push-pop drains, I was able to get both new vanities and sinks working  I took a seasoned plumber’s advice though and added putty and Teflon tape to the downpipe gasket and nut. Smart move …  all is working and no leaks for all 5 new valves and two new drains (converted from one sink/vanity to two). I’ll post and update the condo master bathroom remodeling later this week.

This is the guest bathroom done with the kitchen that I finished in 2018,
hopefully the master bath will turn out as nice this year?


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