So love driving the “Old Girl”- my 1982 MB 300d Turbodiesel

Posted By on August 24, 2019


On Friday, with August temperatures abating a bit, I decided drive the “old girl,” as my best friend Jeff refers to my 1982 Mercedes Benz 300d Turbodiesel. It is not rare that I drive our “EMP car” since it was my daily driving for a couple years, but now I do it far less frequently in the heat and humidity of summer. RichC_MB300DTurbodiesel180729I still regularly run local errands when the mood strikes, but yesterday was a much more pleasant and destressing kind of drive. In fact, I had forgotten just how much more relaxed I feel cruising with the windows down for an hour behind the “big” steering wheel … just leisurely motoring along (these W123 diesels of old are not speedsters, even turbocharged ones). Still, there is something about the airflow in in old cars that is much different than almost every new car; windows down can be enjoyed, not just tolerated as with newer vehicles. Anyway, it was good to take her out on the highway and country roads and it has me looking forward to doing more as the weather cools this autumn. What a great car … probably the only decent car to come out of the 1980s?

Photo from 2014: Weekly trips to Bob Evans with my late-father in Sidney, Ohio
(he loved all old cars)


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