The 22nd Annual Red Stewart Airfield Airshow for 2019 and our 52nd EAA284 Taildragger Fly-In and pancake breakfast

Posted By on August 26, 2019


Although our local EAA chapter’s Fly-In and Sunday’s pancake breakfast was questionable this year if there wasn’t an airshow on Saturday, the Stewarts were able to gather the pilots together for the Red Stewart Airfield 22nd Annual Airshow. The weekend is always well attended and appreciated by the community and those who enjoy aviation around Waynesville Ohio … but the events also requires volunteers and hard work. So if you enjoy flying, old planes, cars and just hanging around a grass strip … come over to Red Stewart Field for the Airshow at 5PM on Saturday night August 31st and be sure to either fly in or drive over for some pancakes on Sunday morning September 1, 2019 (it is our EAA chapter’s primary fund raiser for the year).

Photo: Ty Greenlees


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