Do you participate in Us vs Them with life and political issues?

Posted By on October 5, 2019

Most people recognize how polarized our country has become … thanks in part to politicians and the media fanning the divisive flames. I’m not sure why we fall prey to their tactics, but generating hate and dislike for each other does seem to work when it comes to building campaign war-chests and rabid supporters.


I recognized it this past week even within our family. Rather than recognizing positive ideas because they represented a a good economic or environmental position … rational, thoughtful and decent people bash the opposing political party behind them. Each side, even within family, are unwilling to acknowledge positive movement because it comes from an overall ideology that they dislike. For the economic side of things, the economy under President Trump is stronger and ALL willing to work and live within their means are better off now than in recent years (unfortunately no one in Washington DC wants to cut spending, reduce waste or deal with divisive issues).  As for those on the left proposing ideas to better care for our environment, those on the political right “for some crazy reason” are unwilling to recognize simple, painless and small steps each of us can make to be smarter about using resources and damaging our environment. Not every small step has to mean an economic setback, moves us backward or makes life difficult (ie. So we give up a few plastic water bottles or straws – painless, but good for the environment) Since the back and forth mentioned above was between generationally different people, I thought of this “Green Thing” video (below) … it definitely falls into the us vs them, one group vs the other, etc. Can’t we all be a little more respectful and realize we can all find “some” middle ground?

Now I understand the “give an inch, they take a mile” once the ball gets rolling position. I’m as guilty as the next person fearing compromise on constitutional issues. For example, if safety and improved gun control were really the modus operandi by anti-second amendment activists, I’d be far more willing to discuss what we can do to get a handle on gun violence … but I also know those using the term “commonsense gun laws” aren’t planning to stop at improved background checks or limiting just those “evil black guns.”  The give and inch and they’ll want a mile is very real.


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