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Posted By on November 24, 2019


While I was suppose to be cleaning up and throwing away junk that has taken over some of my basement woodworking shop, as usual ended up sidetracked in making a few jigs for my upcoming projects AND tempramp150804reorganized a couple of cabinets that were buried under boxes and clutter on a back wall.

I moved the now working tabletop drill press (was my dad’s and had a bad chuck) and my Shop Fox Mortising Machine to a new countertop that was the ramp for Brenda’s home rehab a few years ago. The cabinet drawers provided much handier storage for my Ridgid battery powered tools (they were in a bag) and moving the drill press frees up my router table that was doing double-duty. It now slides perfectly under the countertop when not it use … and because I added Teflon slides to the legs, glides easily on the tile floor. So far I’m happy with the change as it makes my shop feel bigger and it is definitely more usable.


Now that I was on a roll … I stayed up late and moved our kitchen table from behind my 10 inch Delta table saw an FINALLY added the outfeed table that I’ve been planning. It basically is a 3/4” of finished plywood with hinges fitted so that it can be folded down for space (dictating the length). I still have my outfeed roller for ripping 8 foot stock so really won’t miss anything. Instead of adding support legs, I used the non-business end of my Shop Smith since I primarily use is as a bandsaw and horizonal drillpress/sander nowadays. Unfortunately I’ll need to do some electrical work if I don’t want to string an extension cord (hm, I have a 220V line from the old electric range hanging from the ceiling?)


After sanding the outfeed table, I added a little ZipGuard for protection, extended the miter slots with the router and put a coat of bowling alley wax on the surface for protection. I’m excited to give it a try … and might even “finally” build my panel cutting jig!  (idea below for inspiration)

Snipped from a woodworking video – perhaps something similar is in order?


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