Prayers for medical issues have been on my mind this week

Posted By on February 7, 2020

The week started with heartache. A  funeral for our neighbors son. That was followed by my friend Jeff heading to be with his dad’s wife Thelma in Orlando after a fall. (his dad is 93 and she is 90). It looks as if Jeff with be soon trying to figure out their care and living situation going forward (they have a second floor bedroom).

Perhaps the one most in need of pray is my sister-in-law Lynda who had her second surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to replace a arterial valve (her first was a cow valve years ago). I think it was and is an aortic valve, but I’m not positive; never the less, it is not the kind of surgery for the faint of heart (groan .. pun intended).


The good news is that she is doing well after the surgery and her husband Dan is with her and her three adult children are tag-teaming from different states. Aaron (my loyal blog reader) was with her for surgery, Justin (an MD) is assisting in getting her released and back home and finally Jackie will help at home and hopefully get Lynda back on her feet. I felt so much better after talking with Justin earlier this week and when Lynda was able to send me text messages and a couple photos. Our prayers will continue for a full and speedy recovery.

Not to be left out, Brenda continues to struggle with nerve pain in her legs making it difficult to walk and feel like she wants to do anything. Stairs are especially difficult and for her appointment yesterday I even put her “stabilizing” cane from her 2015 accident in her car to prevent her from falling (I doubt she used it). Unfortunately I was out of town so she had to go it alone when an appointment timeslot was available. Of course she never really let’s you know how she is feeling. She is in denial … I wonder where she gets that from? (the obvious answer: her dad!)


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