Diesel fuel fill-up and another Scrap Wood Challenge idea

Posted By on May 13, 2020


After shipping back the defective mini amplifier that I purchase  a few weeks ago (grr!), I decided it was a nice evening for a drive in the old Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel. Since I was out and needed a few gallons of diesel fuel, it seemed like a good time to fill up the jugs for the Kubota ZD326 zero-turn mower and John Deere 330 tractor. It is nice to have a roomy trunk … and few cents per gallon off at theChiselSharpeningJig_MakersMob local UDF convenient store … least for 25 of the gallons. The five cents off brought the per gallon price to $2.38 — unfortunately diesel fuel has not bottomed out like gasoline did  last month. Never the less, the price is better than $3 and $4/gallon back before the US became the biggest oil producer.

Hopefully the weather will warm up this week and stay dry so as to give me time to work on the lawn. Also, since I mentioned the Makers Mob “Scrap Wood Challenge” yesterday, I’m posting a photo of another scrap wood idea. Interesting, a shop chisel sharpening jig.


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