It was on my mind, so made a better Featherboard Hold-Down

Posted By on July 1, 2020

StarKnob_AmazonAs mentioned a couple days ago, I saw a fellow woodworker using a better featherboard hold-down clamp … and after over 30 years of using my “temporary” pine featherboard … with a makeshift wedge style clamp, I finally hodgepodged a new one together.

The new “hold down clamp” works just fine, but after using an old grill handle and wooden knob with a press fit and epoxied nut, I decided to buy a bag of 1/4”-20 Star Knobs instead for this hold down clamp … and to used on a few other jigs. Perhaps next on the jig list is to make a new featherboard … if I can get over being sentimental?

FeatherboadHolddown200630 FeatherboardWoodKnobs200628

EDIT: The new knobs came in .. so I’m adding the photo below.


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