Keep your guard up. for SPAM and SCAM text messages/calls

Posted By on July 17, 2020


If you’ve had your cellphone number for any length of time (or were assigned someone else’s number), you do get text spam and scam phone calls. Some unscrupulous callers have refined their trickery to the point it can be difficult to know who and when to take a call seriously. Previous MyDesultoryBlog posts broached the subject and suggested ideas such as blocking, rejecting and reporting .. but none are foolproof (or have been all that helpful). The best approach is still to remain skeptical of everything and checking a few databases of reported numbers.

Government sites, in my opinion, are worthless and the FTC does little to deter r even slow those who are running scams. Private sites seem a little bit better only because they are at least willing to publicize (so you can look up) the rapidly changing spam and scam phone numbers.  I have found helpful (another in a growing list of user supported databases). Give it a try if you need to check on a voicemail or text message.


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