Phone scams, Do-not-call lists and IRS fraud

Posted By on October 4, 2016

Mail fraud and phone scams are ongoing problems if you live in the U.S. unless you are lucky enough to ndncrlogoexist under a rock. Throughout the years I’ve been targeted by shady hoodlums looking to make a quick buck using fraud and deceit as a way to access money or more information. Likely these criminals pickup databases of phone numbers, addresses and accumulated personal information found freely online, or less "freely" from hackers doing business on the dark web. Years ago I was able to track down a company in Atlanta that carelessly released my personal information which ended up in sinister hands (credit and bank fraud before banks put many safeguards in place). The source was computer hardware auctioned off after a short-lived online bank closed their doors. Careless for sure … and obviously they were not quite as careful to BleachBit my personal information as someone else we’ve IRSSCAMREPORTINGall been hearing about.
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After eliminating our home landline phone some years ago and registering our cells and my business lines on the Do Not Call Registry, the number of calls decrease. Unfortunately this year the incidents have picked up again and I’ve opted to fill out the complaint form on the Do Not Call Registry and more recently the US Inspector General forms for this most recent IRS Impersonation Scam.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Jan 20, 2016 Press Release

  Voicemails from IRS Scam requesting a return phone call – 10/3/16

My expectations for any kind of resolution are low due to the bureaucracy that is our government (I’m also sure they overwhelmed with complaints), but without an involved citizenry, there is really little room to complain.

We will see if anything comes of my complaint … or if some do-good vigilante hacker decides to calls 917-341-2116 on their own and turns the tables on them I’m betting that I wouldn’t be the only one wryly grinning. Maybe Donald Trump had it right on Monday (10/3/2016) with going on the offensive when it comes to cyber security and cyber warfare?


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