Obit: A generation of small boat cruising sailors loved Larry

Posted By on September 4, 2020

LarryPardeyNYTimesLarry and Lin Pardey have been a couple of my sailing idols since I was in high school. Their life adventure, magazine articles and books have been a mainstay in keeping the cruising lifestyle close to my heart and in my dreams. I’ve posted a few times before regarding their philosophy and many skills, but learned last month that Larry had passed away at age 80. Several years ago his Parkinson required him to give up the boat and even his workshop life in New Zealand and then last year Lin messaged that he also had a stroke. Nobody wants live their final lives this way, but nobody will deny that his lived is first 75 years to the fullest. He died in a nursing facility in Auckland on July 27, 2020.

The NYTimes even published an article marking his passing. Since I have most of their books and a lot of their articles with ideas from several … one more archived link and read (PDF) is worth keeping.

Although he was aware of his diminishing physical abilities, he attributed this all to normal aging, saying, ‘What do you expect after you’ve used your body so hard for 70 years?’” Lin. Pardey said of her husband. “‘Boats wear out. So do people!’”


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