The 2020 Presidential Election through symbolism

Posted By on September 5, 2020

trump-hugs-flag_sIn trying to look at our divided America in a glass half-full way, the 2020 Presidential election at least gives voters a clear contrast in a candidates or political party’s desired direction for the country.

Obviously symbolism plays a part in painting a picture of political philosophy and the kind of voter each candidate seeks, but I suspect there are a lot of voters stuck in the middle wanting some sort of unity? Of course, tBidenHarrisYardSignhese are probably the same voters who once complained that elections really didn’t matter since once a Democrat or Republican gets to Washington DC, they all became part of the swamp.

What triggered this post was seeing a Biden/Harris yard sign with, as the artist stated, “the rainbow colors in “BIDEN” is for inclusivity, the fist in “HARRIS” is for BLM, the star in “HARRIS” is my nod to patriotism and because I think she’s a STAR.”

Symbolism aside, I trust that the American people has a whole deep down love this nation and that the majority who chose to vote on November 3rd, 2020 will weigh ALL on the ballot as to their vision and willingness to protect the country and her people. For a moment I thought battling the Coronavirus would unite all for a common cause, but that proved to be naïve. There’s a glimmer of hope that violence, looting and fire-bombing may be something at least both presidential candidates condemn, but it looks as if each is looking for ways to make this work against their opponent?

So at this point about all we can do at this point is vote our conscious and hope there is integrity at the polls and that the expected large number of mail-in ballots does not cause the problems that we’ve seen is several local primaries. Hold on tight, it is going to be a rough ride for America and democracy.

To end with a little positive “symbolism” … how about a photo from social networks representing “unity” (even if it triggers rabidly vocal activists).


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