Archive: A couple family photos from this past week

Posted By on October 17, 2020

While Brenda and I zipped to Florida for a couple planned vacation get-away days, our family enjoyed the autumn weather change in Ohio. Taylor treated Megan to a birthday evening with a romantic evening and a fire in our outdoor fireplace and the Oostra family headed to Hocking Hills and a little hiking — Katelyn, Drew, Annalyn and Ellerie also stopped in on their cousins in Circleville (my brother’s daughter Keira and family). They sent a couple photos so I’ll tinker with the Pic Stitch app to make a collage (above).

As for the two of us, we’re enjoying a time on Delray Beach and of course working on a couple of condo projects: painting the screened porch for me and a couple candle holders and the never-ending job of cleaning for Brenda.


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