Nothing to see here, it’s just politics as usual for the political left

Posted By on October 9, 2020

A Hollywood style TRUMP sign goes up in California “on private property” … then it is promptly taken down by California Department of Transportation citing “a life and safety issue.” Hm … I’m sure that’s what it was … and that it has nothing to do with the aggressive, anti-Trump, left-leaning politics of politicians in California. #sarcasm 


It is hard to believe that “speech, debate, expression, etc” that was once the hallmark of liberal academia and of those who lean politically left are AmyConeyBarettwalkingnow being openly squelched and censored if they don’t conform to their ideology. An individuals freedom and liberty is openly under attack and yet many Americans seem willing to let it happen, so as long is it fits their political view.

Sadly it is happening when it comes to the Supreme Court as well .. no longer do Democrats seek justices who interpret cases based on the Constitution, but desire ones who actively write and rule to advance their desired outcome.


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