The Old Wooden Ladder: Shag carpet and “The Pig” #TBT

Posted By on October 8, 2020


While doing some the pool house garage cleaning and reorganizing over the past couple of weeks, a piece of the old shag carpeting I duct taped ontoWoodenLadderCarpet_TBT the old wooden ladder I acquired in the 1980s fell off. As usual, it triggered memories.

First, the good times Brenda and I had with our sailboat Brenich, pre-kids, then Tulla with kids and finally many years of using this same old wooden ladder to climb into the loft of the barn both in Hudson, Ohio and then for the last 20 years to the loft in the pool house garage. I’ve probably been up and down the ladder thousands of times and I still regularly put up Christmas lights and wreaths and it is the “ladder of choice” to get onto the lower roofs, even though I have an aluminum one. In all that time the scraps of carpet I taped to the ladder, to prevent scratching the the boat, stayed in place … until last week when a piece fell off. It was only then that I noticed the real carpet color and remembered it from my families house on Lake Erie. It was once wrapped the round footstool we fondly referred to as “the pig.” Great memories.



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