My son Taylor has been busy professionally and personally

Posted By on October 10, 2020

As a dad who has always kept up and archived the “goings-on” with Taylor and Katelyn on MyDesultoryBlog, I realized that grandchildren steal the limelight most of the time … that is just the way it is. But … that doesn’t mean life doesn’t keep moving along for adult children in the work-a-day world either.


This past week, Taylor updated me on “creating his first subdivision” as a planner. To be sure, he has worked on several in both North Dakota and here in Ohio, but this will be the first for him from the start professionally. What dad isn’t happy to see their grown CamsBachelorPartyGuyschildren wanting to share these kinds of accomplishments? I am very proud and impressed.

He is also in that phase of life where big life changes happen. Good friends take jobs in different states (his closest friend Mike will soon be moving to Maine), a few who are married are having children … and good buddies like Cam Harter are getting married. Besides the guys of the wedding party having a great bachelor party at Lake Tahoe amidst COVID19 situation (photos above), they had a great wedding in Cincinnati this past month.  Congratulations Margaret and Cameron.



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