Election Day: Protect your freedom and liberty, vote GOP

Posted By on November 3, 2020

Today is election day and A LOT is on the line when it comes to the governing and political philosophy of the United States. Back in 2016, the promises then candidate Donald Trump, made when running as a new breed of Republican, had to be taken on face value and his words… something I personally had a hard time doing (knowing his personal and business history – let’s just say I was skeptical). Thankfully the PresElection2020Democrats put up a deeply flawed and hated candidate, at least by most conservatives and likely Independents and some moderate Democrats. Hillary Clinton was just a bad choice (but it was her turn) and in my opinion gave Donald Trump the chance to win – as he said to African American and Hispanic voters:What do you have to lose?” Many of us said a prayer, pinched our noses and concluded Trump was worth the risk.

Now in 2020, things are somewhat different. We know what President Donald Trump is capable of doing and how hard he has selflessly worked for this country. We recognize his desire for law and order, ability to negotiate America-First trade deals, bring peace and shockingly even bring troops home while keeping us out of war (even with his tweets and playground rhetoric). About the only universal disappointment is that we have yet to defeat the Coronavirus – who has? Both his economic and foreign policies have been outstanding for our country and he has, unlike most politicians, actually worked to accomplish the things he promised … even judicial appointments that follow the Constitution and aren’t activist judges.

PresDonaldTrumpWhether you like Trump’s policies or not, few presidents has have fought uphill, even through a bogus impeachment, and was still able to check-off the promises made to the American people. It became transparent how entrenched bureaucrats in the Washington DC, Hollywood and Wall Street Democrat party donors and liberal mainstream media … along with their monopolistic big tech friends were, and are, working against the Trump administration.

Fast forward to 2020, there is no longer any doubt as to how President Trump will govern, or if his bold tactics can arouse the once dormmate American spirit and well-defined values in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We Americans are free people … and have chosen to limit the power and encroachment of the Federal government when it comes to infringing on a citizens’ rights. It has never been clearer to me than it is now that the Democrat Party no longer believes in an “individuals freedom from government,” but is now fulling embracing the “collective” and using the power the Federal government to push their radical progressive agenda. There once was a day Democrats baulked at the notion that their party was increasingly Socialist, included Marxist ideals or even had Communist leanings … but now they are embracing it by including people shaping their policies who want a progressive and failed system for our country.


Americans need to unite to combat the utopian dream of free everything supplied, regulated and forced on the populace by the government. So many nations have tried socialism and adopted “the wonderful utopian sounding” Stalin Constitution again and again, but every time it fails. The progressive policies eventually impoverish people and oppress millions of people even as those in-charge grab more power; so as long as they maintain authoritarian rule by threat and force the people to suffer.


There’s no happiness without freedom. Those who read the manifestos and nod that it sounds good are naïve … one only needs to look at where ever nation ends up when they go down the socialist path.

Historian J. Arch Getty concludes:

Many who lauded Stalin’s Soviet Union as the most democratic country on earth lived to regret their words. After all, the Soviet Constitution of 1936 was adopted on the eve of the Great Terror of the late 1930s; the “thoroughly democratic” elections to the first Supreme Soviet permitted only uncontested candidates and took place at the height of the savage violence in 1937. The civil rights, personal freedoms, and democratic forms promised in the Stalin constitution were trampled almost immediately and remained dead letters until long after Stalin’s death.

Do you want to live like they did in the USSR .. or in Cuba, Venezuela, etc? How about China or those flirting with increased government control over the people? Nobody is stopping you from going. Check the history of every country who has gone down this path. Every person under this kind of oppression begs to be free. Nobody wants to live under the heavy hand of bureaucrats which has history proves … is inevitable under big authoritarian governments. People beg to come to the United States … not because we have free stuff … but because the individual is free.


I’ve increasingly gravitated to conservative Mark Levin for rejuvenation. His Life, Liberty and Levin program is a must see each weekend for me as I appreciate the deeper interviews political leaders and shapers, thoughtful commentary and history lessons. Last weekend, there was a promo segment for his show that I just had to listen to again … hear are the two short mp3 audio segments. If you love our country, its history and freedom … vote to protect it.

  Mark Levin on Fox and Friends – Part 1 – 5 min | 11/1/2020
  Mark Levin on Fox and Friends – Part 2 – 6 min 17 sec | 11/1/2020


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