Ideas: medal holding chop saw fence and tapering rod stock

Posted By on November 22, 2020

Just adding a couple of idea photos for a future metalworking project, or adaptable to woodworking as well.


First, clamp a couple of scrap pieces of wood in a metal cutting chopsaw or miter saw to cut small sizes and keep in place (might rig something on my handheld bandsaw for better control and thinner kerfs). What is missing in the photo are blocks in front to hold the stock against the fence (a better addition might be a U-box).


Also, I liked the use of the belt sander AND ‘chucked’ solid rod stock spinning at the same time to taper a point on this copper rod hold-down component. (House of Chop was welding up a “third-hand” tool. I really also liked his air compressor and moisture control manifold system).


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