As the holidays approach, mini-dictators flex their power

Posted By on November 23, 2020

One of the more disturbing trends during the COVID19COVID19 pandemic has been the infringement on personal liberty by politicians in the country.Thankfully we are closing in on a vaccine, but the heavy-handed restrictions that may have been tolerated during the initial outbreak, aren’t being received well by those who are trying to keep food on the table and businesses alive.

The hypocrisy is likely the most offensive. From governors who dine with a loud dinner party … indoors without masks ... while telling the little people not to go out to eat, to legislators wanting a nation face mask order by the federal government while walking through an airport without one … or the House of Representative’s speaker getting her hair done despite orders to keep salons closed. It is challenging enough for Americans voluntarily to “do the right thing,” but perhaps the most frightening is to have governors like Oregon’s Kate Brown trying to prevent families from getting together for Thanksgiving. Instead of recommending smaller celebrations or even pointing out how to keep people safe … she instead goes beyond her authority and plans to enforce her orders … even to the point of “neighbors reporting neighbors” (jump to 2:45 for comment below).  It is frightening when this happens in America.


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