Promotional Products from an exciting Dot-Com start-up #TBT

Posted By on December 17, 2020


For Throwback Thursday #TBT this week I’ll include a couple photos from 1998 or 1999. These photos are items from my friend Jeff sent to me when cleaning out his apartment. He (and my wife Brenda) were hired to build out the first Dot-Com era online Pharmacy … or at least the fulfillment facility. The work was … as we would say back then 24/7/365 … but I doubt anyone working on this startup regretted a moment of the exhilarating time … although all were disappointed when the start-up was sold to CVS and became their online store (they shutdown the West Chester, Ohio-based fulfillment facility.

While Brenda and Jeff were busy with Soma, eventually becoming,CPPNetLogoSS I was still working full time at Consolidated Printing and Publishing Company in NE Ohio, but spent a lot of time brainstorming the facility set-up and design (part of my background) and of course bid on a lot of the startup printing (barcode labels, forms, Post It pads –above). One of the most exciting projects that never came to fruition was setting up a pill image database and printing color bottle labels including images of the tablets in the bottle (alas, there was a copyright infringement). Along with a few of my own Internet ventures …,,,, and I wish I could have put the “pill imaging label” feather in my cap.



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