Tech Friday: Twitter lock my account this week, but I don’t know who complained or what content infringed on copyright laws?

Posted By on December 18, 2020

TwitterProblem201217A daily routine for over a decade has been using the social network Twitter as an interactive newsfeed – replaced RSS feed reader. It has also been a place to post updates and interact on my RichC account with friends in a variety of groups: car club, aviation interests, sailing, finance, investing, and of course politics.

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the left-leaning bias coming from almost all Silicon Valley companies, but Twitter is one of the most blatant. I grew so frustrated with their shutting down the Hunter Bidden corruption story as they campaigned for Joe Biden, that I ended up selling all my $TWTR stock (too soon). As they continue to aggressively police their conservative users and lock accounts, voices are silenced and people are heading to another platform called Parler (with its own problems). I’ve been there for a while, but it doesn’t serve my purpose.

TrumpTwitterphoneNow my account was “locked” and I’ve yet to figure out why. I reviewed the “Copyright Policy” and was told they were going to email me some information, but I’ve yet to receive anything? My account is unlocked for now, but I have no idea what was shared, posted or said that even lock my account to begin with? It may be time to give up on social networks all together?   


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