Woodworking ideas: Workshop dust collection improvements

Posted By on January 30, 2021

My basement woodworking shop is a dust-making mess in our house, but there isn’t much I can do about it now other than to improve how I collect and filter and keep dust from gravitating into the furnaces cold air returns and upstairs.

In our previous house in Hudson Ohio, I was fortunate to have a “large” front portion of a heated garage for my smallish workshop (still attached to the house), FilterForJetDustControl201002but after moving to ShopsmithChipcollectorCincinnati with a full basement, I decided to set up part of it as my workshop. Over the years, I’ve added more power tools and finished off the rest ofHandsawsFromPast201221 basement, but still find that wood dust is nearly impossible to control.

I added a Jet air cleaner which helps …  and to use my 30 year old “smallish” Shopsmith high volume chip collector … but still, cutting, routing and sanding dusts goes everywhere. Thankfully clean up with a broom on the tile floor is fairly easy and a regular changing of filters in the air cleaner and furnaces helps a lot … but I should be able to do more.


I built a hood and vacuum setup for my Hitachi Miter Saw just like the one I made for my now retired radial arm saw (photos above from 2-years ago), but it really doesn’t help much. So after watching this video, am archiving and thinking maybe I could do something similar? (BTW, the YouTube video outtakes at the end are the best part!)


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