Why do so many on the political left deride America?

Posted By on March 3, 2021

OWS Vaccine Timeline ALTERNATE Design v7If all we do is listen to those who spew negativity and show distain for America, we might miss the fact that the US through Operation Warp Speed in coordination with private companies, have given us a COVID19 vaccine to its citizens and to the world in record time. In keeping with countries which have embraced free enterprise, liberty and through capitalism reward entrepreneurs … democratic republics once again lead the world in innovation and finding cures.

Below is an end of February 2021 chart comparing the immunization progress … and although there is always room for improvement, socialist countries aren’t nearly as prosperous or efficient as those built on freedom.


Don’t let those who continue to deride the United States and the steady improvements in our quest for a “more perfect union.” Our founders deserve respect and our history should be both taught and learned. Don’t hate our country or fundamentallychange America (and there are days I feel like this UK guy on YouTube).


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