Lots of tools, more tools and an old Boy’s Life booksafe #TBT

Posted By on July 15, 2021


After seeing this photo of someone workbench screwdriver holder, I don’t feel quite as bad about my multiple tool boxes and workbench racks. Without a doubt, I do have my share of tools and gadgets, but I’m not sure how many screwdrivers it is necessary to have in one holder?

The Facebook photo above aside, I was locked out of my Facebook account last week just as I was thinking it was about time for a bi-monthly update (I really don’t use FB much but do enjoy keeping up with family and a few groups). Thankfully there wasn’t anything that looked like a security issue … but finally set up two-factor authentication on my FB account just in case.  I did come across a social media post and discussion of growing up “boy.” The intriguing part of me was discussion the classified sections in the back of magazinesRichCsScoutGear that targeted boys and Boy Scouts aged kids (I was a Patrol Leader and can still remember and give my Crow Patrol call … and you don’t want to hear that!)

The magazines I most remember were Boy’s Life (now de-gendered as Scout Life) and Popular Mechanics. Both had great classified sections that remind me of today’s “as-seen-on-TV” infomercials. There were item we wanted and some we saved up and sent in a few dollars (or perhaps cents) for … like the plastic BookSafe that I still have in my dresser drawer. boyslifebooksafeI will have to open it up someday and see what coins are still inside.

A few of the other classified ads that I remember are the military surplus Jeeps, the X-Ray glasses and sea monkeys. Good memories and definitely a good time to grow up … particularly since the Vietnam War and draft ended before I was of age. 


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