Tech Friday: Switched to “Google Drive for Desktop” on my iMac

Posted By on July 9, 2021

Google_corbetrd210701For the last few years, I’ve been using Google’s Backup and Sync software on my iMac to back up mostly archival data to my free Google Drive space that was part of my legacy Miami University EDU teaching account. I haven’t taught in Oxford, Ohio for decades, but did spend a few dollars for Taylor’s education a few years back. I keep 330GB or so of data backed up on the Google Educational account, but noticed the app is glitchy. It can bog down OneDrive_Store210701the computer at inopportune times and even when limiting upload speeds, it churns and churns.

So this past week I switched to Google Drive for Desktop app in hope that it is better? Last year I downgraded my Microsoft OneDrive subscription to 100GB from 1TB which is my primary working drive due to everything being a paid for subscription model these days. It is challenging to say under the cap, but it also forces me to do harddrive housekeeping once in a while. BTW, OneDrive has been flawless and works as good if not better than Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud, Box or my ODrive with Amazon AWS.Google_rdcorbett210701

Since I still have a couple other personal Google accounts with limited storage (17GB) that are primarily for Gmail these days, I still keep a few Google Docs, Sheets, etc on those storage spaces too along with even less on Dropbox and Box. (stay tuned as might be giving ProtonDrive BETA a try)

Compare Backup and Sync to Google Drive for Desktop


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