How much control are you willing to give to the government?

Posted By on November 24, 2021

DemFuhrerPosterAmerica has split down the middle on a lot of things that many of us took for granted just a few years ago. Our individual liberty is being eroded away with the help of progressives using propaganda and the heavy hand of the “we know better” bureaucrats to seize more power every day.

The mainstream media, higher education and the left-leaning California-based silicon valley companies control what we hear, see and read … and they have convinced much of the country that more money and power in the hands of those in power running the government is good for our country. Our individualist history, free-market capitalism and traditional Judeo/Christian values are no longer desired by these enlightened people who now demand we get in line behind what they have decided are good for all of us.


After all, this new thinking for America is what the socialist and enlightened Europeans have agreed on … and so they must be right (#sarcasm)? So whether it is forcing the financial cost of climate change, the elimination of fossil fuels, the punitive taxing of corporations and the wealthy, shutting down “some” businesses, mandating the wearing facemasks or showing your vaccine passport (it is coming)  …you must obey. We either haven’t learned our lessons from history, be it Marxist-based Socialism and Communism wherever it has been tried or the Fascist Nazis demanding to see your papers. How far will this go in America???



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