Inflation, rising food and fuel prices could trigger a recession

Posted By on March 12, 2022

Nobody wants to really hear or see anymore written about inflation. We’ve all seen it with our own two eyes and our wallets have felt it since the Biden administration took office. No more though than theUDF_FuelPrices220310 last couple of weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine as the  West’s political miscalculations and head-in-the-tar-sands polices have made them vulnerable and reliant on Russian oil and gas.

The Progressive Democrats and climate change fanatics in this country don’t appreciate the realistic gains we have made in converting from dirty coal to cleaner coal power plants, generating more with natural gas, nuclear or hydro in the past several decades. The last decade’s impressive growth of wind, solar and electric vehicle adoptions should be praised rather than declared “not fast enough.” Instead they move the U.S. from finally being energy “independent” to once again becoming “dependent” and an importer of oil.

The those currently controlling the national agenda (Biden and company), made no bones about their war on fossil fuels as soon as they took control in January 2021 … and lead by the socialist Green New Deal ideologues pulling the puppet strings.

When we demonize the oil and gas industry, we hurt the American economy.

Energy fuels our economic engine and  when we reduce domestic energy and rely on imports … we, like Europe, become hostage to those who are supplying it – Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc. Let’s be realistic … an economically prosperous country has the luxury of improving our mix of renewables and our steady move towards a clean energy future, but a weak, dependent, struggling economy does not have that same luxury.

Also .. this energy rant was an excuse to post a local Liberty Township, Ohio UDF fuel price (2014) photo, much as I did years ago on this blog (below). Déjàvu!

Gasoline prices top $5.00 in California – 10/9/2012


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