A zero-clearance Table Saw throatplate and featherboard clamp

Posted By on March 13, 2022

ZeroClearanceTableSawThroatplate220310When it comes to workshops, tools, jigs and helpers, we all have our go-to favorites and my 35 year old featherboard is no exception. For years now, I’ve told myself that I was going to make a new one since this was just a quick temporary one (like the miter saw hold down below), but have never taken the time to do it. I’ve improved the clamping mechanism, made several different table saw throat plates, but never a better and more appropriate “featherboard.” Someday!


As for the table saw throat plate, I’m fond of the Starboard material and wish I had more of it. The slick and stable surface makes it a great material and “in my opinion” is better than wood or the stock metal one that came with my Delta cabinet saw. If you enjoy woodworking and stumble onto some scrap pieces of Starboard, save it for a zero-clearance throat plate (great Instructables tip for improving existing throat plate).

Hitachi Miter Saw stock clamp with “hold down” for small pieces and table saw throat plates

A question for all those experienced woodworkers:  I’m looking to replace the stock 12” Hitachi Miter Saw blade with a new and maybe “thinner kerf” crosscut blade. Any advice??? Send me a message.


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