Fuel prices – What is wrong with this picture?

Posted By on December 23, 2014

A local convenient store today in Liberty Township, Ohio … December 23, 2014.

As a Volkswagen TDI and Mercedes diesel car guy … there is something wrong when the spread between regular unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel is this much – over $1.50 difference! Ugh … back to driving the Honda Pilot, at least for the winter. Still, I never thought I would see gasoline selling below $2.00/gallon again … but I’m not complaining.

The low gasoline prices are substantially lower price for fuel (ridiculously cheap) is  due to weak demand overseas (recessions and slow economies) and an increased supply primarily from the relatively new fracking technology in the U.S. This combination should make for a “happier” Christmas here in North America. More money in the average Jane and Joe’s pocket and cheaper trips “over the river and through the woods” will definitely be appreciated by the masses. How long will it stays down … ??? …. who knows?


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