Tidbits: A workshop hook and a Canton, Ohio based idiom

Posted By on March 22, 2022


A place for everything and everything in its place,” is probably not the most fitting idiom for my cluttered workshop, since the debatable originate has to do with “neatness” according to an Ohio Repository (Canton, Ohio) article by Charles A. Goodrich in 1827. Although with a little sleuthing, it has RidgidLightOnNewOakHook220320_malso been credited to Benjamin Franklin as well as a OakRididLightHookClose220320_mnautical publication – Masterman Ready, or the Wreck of the Pacific in 1842 by Frederick Marryat ("In a well-conducted man-of-war every thing is in its place, and there is a place for every thing.")

Whoever is credited, I do appreciate having a place for tools and things. In today’s case, I’ve grown tired of trying to store my awkward 18v Ridgid Snake Light and decided to make an oak hook above the garage charger.

An aside on the GEN5X 18v Flexible Dual-Mode LED Work LightRidgidR8694221BI am not really a fan of it. It is not bright enough nor is the flexible snake arm stiff enough to hold the head in position.

On the other hand, the GEN5X 18V Hybrid Folding Ridgid Panel Light is far more helpful in nearly all situation … and it can be powered by 110vac (it is a bit bulky though).



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