Thoughts on ‘battery drain’ with the Ridgid 18V USB accessory

Posted By on November 29, 2020

RidgidUSBCharger18v9AhBattery201120Don’t tell anyone, but while shopping for “my” Christmas gift from Brenda (below … and yes, she sent me out to get it). So I added a Ridgid 18V USB charging attachment for my inconvenience. Ha! After returning home, I tried it out, but for the record, I didn’t open my actual gift. So far, so good … although I had thought my biggest Ridgid 9Ah battery would last a bit longer after charging only an iPhone and an iPad?


Believe it or not, I started with a full charge in the 9Ah lithium ion battery, but after charging both devices, I only had 50% left in the battery (my LED 9W light attachment I’ve used when “playing Trolls with Annalyn” last for over 24 hours). It is hard to believe that this USB charging device would drain the battery that fast… perhaps it isn’t all that efficient? I have found that the smaller “cheap” stick chargers I keep in my computer bag, or my “jump-starter battery booster pack,” last far longer at least connected to my iPhone (I’ve never tried them with an iPad).

Point being, I’m not sure I would recommend spending $21 on the USB device it. The GEN5X 18-volt Flexible Dual-Mode LED Work Light has yet to be tested. (after Christmas, perhaps?)



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