Leftover travel weekend update and photos from our kids

Posted By on August 24, 2022

CamsFamilyHomeTahoe220820While Brenda and I were in Atlanta celebrating her sister’s birthday, Taylor was once again at another wedding clear across the country. One of his elementary school friends (they stayed in touch) gave a bunch of friends a chance to get together in a nice location – Lake Tahoe. Of course this wasn’t the first timeTaylorTahoe220820 he’s been out there (his friend Cam’s family has a house there … and a very nice one at that!) and so a polite invite gave him a place to stay.

Considering the number of wedding, the amount of  travel and cost to go to weddings, this was an appreciated gesture by the Harters.


Katelyn and Drew had a full weekend too. Not only was it “get ready for school” weekend (left), but they also celebrated Drew’s brother’s birthday and had family staying with them while Drew’s parents recover from COVID. All in all, it was a busy … but very nice time.



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