Election 2022: Tuesday November 8th is FREE America Day

Posted By on November 7, 2022


If there is one thing palpable in America, it is that Americans are worried about their country and our future. Ever since the COVID19 pandemic began and particularly since President Biden took office in 2020 … hard working, freedom-loving citizens in our country have watched their liberty and prosperity eroded. There is both concern and unrest in our nation … let’s do something about it.


Hopefully, tomorrow we will see a “red wave” of voters go to the polls and change the direction our country seems to be headed. I’ll acknowledge that just picking the “R” candidate doesn’t guarantee that we’ll halt the “big government knows best” march we’ve been on, but at least it will be a start. If there is one thing most U.S. citizens still have in common be they Democrat, Independent or Republican, it is that they appreciate personal freedom.

John_LockeThere was a time that being a politicalliberal meant protecting people from an overbearing government (today’s progressive liberals – Democrats – have lost their way). The primary philosophy of liberalism was to “enhance the freedom of the individual” and it was central to the political doctrine (see John Locke – 1632-1704). Unfortunately over the centuries, we’ve allowed governments to grow so large and excused their bloat, deeming it necessary in order “to protect individuals from being harmed by others.” Now government itself poses a threat to liberty, not to mention the bureaucrats in office desiring to maintain and enhance their power and authority over the masses.

As you go to the polls on Tuesday November 8, 2022, ponder which political party, issues and candidates enhance individual freedom and will protect those values as they manage the affairs of your community, city, state and country. There’s nothing wrong with “right-sizing” government and restricting just how heavy handed bureaucrats are when it come to authoritarian control over citizens.


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