Lunar eclipse, Beaver Moon but NO Blood Red Wave election

Posted By on November 9, 2022

Skywatching and politics have little in common, unless one is stretching for a to put the two together in a morning after a November midterm election blog post.

In the early Tuesday morning  hours, before the election polls opened, the Blood “Red” Moon was being photographed and viewed by skywatchers — often referred to at the Beaver Moon (photo from 11/8/2022). The semi-expected “shellacking” by most of us who have been disappointed with President Biden and Democrats these past two years, did not happen. From the President’s failed (and still failing) foreign policy to zero border enforcement, from the Democrat’s soft on crime to anti fossil fuel directives and trillions of dollars of wasteful government spending,  to the misguided prediction of inflation being transitory coming out of an extended pandemic shutdown and the continued cheerleading for more Federal Reserve easy money policies … it gave us a weak economy and runaway inflation.  The Federal Reserve Chair’s goal of a “soft landing” looks unlikely as historically, inflation is tamped down by only by a recession or two (fun, fun, fun). So much for monetary policy from the Fed and the big-spenders in Washington DC working together. Yet with the poor leadership and outcome mentioned above, voters in A LOT states still elected and re-elected Democrats to represent them. It all leave me wondering how bad things will need to get before people rethink their political choices?

Control of the U.S. House and Senate was still up in the air Wednesday morning, as states across the country tallied votes in neck-and-neck midterm election races.

A set of close contests will determine whether Democrats keep their slim majorities in the House and Senate, or if Republicans will seize control of one or both chambers of the legislature.

As of 8:30AM on 11/9/2022

BUT negativity on my part aside … a new day is upon us as Republicans did gain seats in the House and elected conservative leadership in my home state of Ohio and clearly in our vacation state of Florida. The deeply divided Congress (reflective of our country) should give political types something to bicker about for the next couple of years. About the only real solution that fiscally responsible leadership in the House can  withhold money and stop the excessive spending which exacerbates inflation and the pain felt by everyone. Americans are sure to remain divided, until they realize who they elect fuels the economic pain (and speaking of ‘divide’ – hang on, it will get bumpy).

For now, all we citizens can do is to be responsible and live within our “dwindling” means … something Washington DC is not really very good at doing.

EDIT: 11/09/2022 at noon – We still don’t know enough …


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