Tool tidbit: Additional leverage when turning a screwdriver

Posted By on December 28, 2022


Here’s a tool tip that isn’t widely known:

If you need a little more screwdriver leverage  … or your hands are slippery … check to see if a hex socket or wrench will fit on the handle of your screwdriver to give you a little additional torque (a 1” socket works for my standard Craftsman screwdriver). Just be sure you have enough down-pressure on the screwdrivers as with all the addition torque it is WrenchScrewdriverTipeasy to strip out the fastener heads … be they straight blade or Philips heads.

In the past, I often would use an adjustable wrench to hold the straight blade (photo left) in order to bust loose a stubborn fastener, but I have also bent the tip of a screwdriver with all the additional torque. Also, in a pinch, you can use a set of channel lock pliers on the shaft or handles (use care) … but they can easily damage the plastic of your better tools … so beware when using any kind of plyers.


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