Workshop Wednesday: Circle cutting with a router

Posted By on January 25, 2023

Hole In Project Router Circle Cutting

Over weekend of snowy Bengal – Bills playoff football, I was able to get down to the workshop and continue working on a joint granddaughters’ birthdays present. The project required larger holes than I have a hole saw for and cutting it with a jigsaw would have left an imperfect hole.

So … I used an odd baseplate from my Makita router and tapped a new “pivot” hole so that I could use my 1/4” spiral bit to gradually cut the circle. Since I only needed two equal holes, I just used the pivot point two times … but if I were going to do this again, I think cutting one in some 1/4” template material and using a bearing shanked bit would be preferred?

Anyway, the holes turned out great and I was even able to use the shopvac attached to the clear plastic chute to clear nearly all the dust and debris … something that never seems to go well for me (I usually make a mess).

Plastic Safety Glasses tip: Hang old dryer sheets next to your safety glasses and wipe the dust off with these anti-cling wipes. Since they are used, there is very little chemical in the sheet, but they are soft and deter workshop dust from clinging to the lenses.



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