Woodworking: A new project and lumber prices are out of sight

Posted By on January 21, 2023

There are two projects sitting semi-started in the workshop this winter (delayed with Brenda’s hip fracture), although I’m still struggling to accept the VERY HIGH lumber prices. To be fair, I’ve always complained about buying lumber as no matter where it is purchased, it always seems far to high. But nowadays with inflation raging, it has gone “out of sight… to use a little American slang.


HomeDepotReceipt230116One of the projects entails a new banded or perhaps oak edged top to cover an existing set of metal filing cabinets in my home office; I’m planning a leather top similar to the corner desk. The other project will go “unmentioned” since Katelyn regularly reads my blog and I’d like to keep her and my granddaughters in the dark about it. Hopefully I can complete it before their birthdays?


I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the rough sawn and air drying lumber sitting on Katelyn and Drew’s property. Perhaps a little additional kiln drying this summer and I’ll have some lumber later on this year?



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