Student loan forgiveness, the Supreme Court and an old post

Posted By on March 1, 2023

With student loan forgiveness in the news again as the U.S. Supreme Court looks at the Constitutionality of  President Biden’s authority with a stroke of  his pen to be able to forgive student loans. Common sense would question the question of this extraordinary power, but past presidents have paused payments due to emergencies … so who knows when contracts can be completely changed? It doesn’t seem proper that those borrowing for college could benefit at the expense of other taxpayers who may not have had those same opportunities.

It reminded me of my own situation and paying off student loans over 10 years and how that prioritized Brenda and my goal of paying for Katelyn and Taylor’s undergraduate degrees. So thankful we could plan for and afford to live comfortably and help our children get an education and good start in life.

AFSA Student Loan Paid Off Letter


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