Tech Friday: WordPress 6.2 and testing odrive with MarsEdit

Posted By on March 31, 2023

odrive logoOne of the untouched add-ons to my computer life has been the cloud component odrive. It took me a while to add it to my new Apple MacBook Air M2, but while messing with a few upgrades this week, decided it was time to add it.

First, WordPress came out with their 6.2 update so after some backing up and cleaning a few questionable plug-ins and multiplex Google ads (what a pain they are), things are humming along again. 

Wordpress 6.2

Back to working … well a new way of working … with odrive. It is a service that works with several different cloud and off-site FTP servers. logoBy re-sizing images and placing them in a Mac OS folder, the files will Amazon Prime Photosautomatically be uploaded and ready on the image server for use on a WordPress blog. It saves the uploading of content and keeps a significant amount of data off the server handling WordPress and the database. It is also configured to do the same for Amazon S3 AWS servers … which I’ve been using for larger chunks of protected data. AWS serves up audio and video at very high speed no matter the number demanding the content. The protected nature of the content prevents audio and video from being shared elsewhere or harvested (no hot linking). 

For now it is working well and the images above are an example of those coming from the image server, but will on a future Music Monday use it with S3 uploads (I also use odrive for Box and Amazon Photos). 


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