April 1st, but no fooling as roof shingles are damaged

Posted By on April 1, 2023

Rear of house without noticable roof damage
We have had several windstorms in recent days and weeks, but I didn’t notice the missing ridge cap shingles until last week (not noticeable in this photo).

Shockingly it has been 8 years since we put on a new roof, but I was thankfully able to track down the company who installed it and they will be out to “at least” take a look at the entire roof (it is too steep for me to feel comfortable climb around on it anymore … but. reminded me of a Blue Heron sitting on our roof — very odd).

I do have the brand and a few spare shingles, but only two or three caps, so hopefully it will be an easy match … and there won’t be any additional damage. The last thing we need is to deal with insurance or a new roof even though I wonder if the chimney repair did any damage back in 2016 … although the last time shingles were missing the news wasn’t good. 

Brand of shingles Damage shingle/caps

EDIT: Adding the quick but expensive repair (also repaired the raccoon damaged section). 

Repairing roof March 29, 2023


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