A ‘distance planning’ tip for hiking or backpacking to pass along

Posted By on May 23, 2023

My son Taylor has another semi-repeat backpacking trip planned with a friend from North Dakota (he is now in Montana) for the end of the summer in Glacier National Park (different area). The permits were obtained for the “loop” that they wanted … so now the packing and getting in shape begins (it was fun listening to him talk about it while spending 5 hours in the car — UGH — with him this past weekend to a dance recital). 

So now that this trip is booked (photo from his 2014 trip),  I’m a little more focused on the articles and in returning to the social groups (actually pre-social media groups) that I was once more attentive too.

Here’s a good ‘distance planning’ tip:

To work out how long it’ll take you to walk a certain distance, allow one hour for every three miles you measure on a map (a twenty-minute mile is roughly correct for most adults) and add an extra 30 minutes for every 1,000 feet of elevation you climb.


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