Poor business decisions and billing screw-ups at Mint Mobile

Posted By on May 17, 2023

We have been happy with Mint Mobile for a couple of years as our MVNO wireless carrier. The service has been good service … prices fair … and it has been perfect for our needs. 

Mint Mobile charges In April though, I switched my iPhone7-plus to US Mobile for a trial due to less than optimum coverage at one location … but really the service has been good. My wife’s Mint service was ready for the annual renewal, but instead fo  switching her new iPhone14 over as well … I was convinced by the Mint’s cancelation department to stay another year; all it took was a $45 credit to convince me to renew.  

When the “auto renewal” triggered on Tuesday, the charge was declined for some reason and brought attention to the billing charge. I noticed the charge was not the $135 (plus the $45 credit) as expected (above), but instead was $155.62 … and then $154.95? If I had not previously renewed with Mint a couple times in the past with both our phones, I would have just thought … “oh, $20 in telecommunication taxes.” BUT in Charge declinedthe past I don’t recall a breakdown that included taxes, fees and an $18.50 “recovery charge?”  Hm, did something change — well, Mint is now owned by T-Mobile

So be aware if you are looking at Mint/T-Mobile as there is a semi-hidden (at least not up front) fee that includes an $1.50/mo Recovery Fee.  This will likely be the last renewal for even with the “$45 please stay” credit as the surprise has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Charges by Mint Mobile -- Recovery Fee


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